The unremarkable doors from the basement foyer have a simple sign on the front of them that was deisgned to blend in until you got close. The sign reads, "Keep out!" After picking the lock, opening the doors reveals a small hallway off to your left that has a ship's portal door and another set of simliar doors five feet ahead of you. Again, a sign reads, "Keep out!"

If you continue on through these doors you will see Aztec temple steps leading to a locked wooden door (we'll get to that link in a minute...) and a set of red curtains enclosing off the space beyond.

Stepping through those curtains reveals a room that is quite intriguing. The most imposing thing in the room is a large canopy bed ontop of a small platform that is surrounded by a moat of water that does not have any clear path to access the bed. Also in the room is a large dresser, Tv and stand, modern styled couch and a small tv table where a few books are resting. Walking deeper into the room reveals another bedroom off to the left.

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