This room has a lower ceiling than the rest of the basement. The ceiling height is only 7'. Compared to Cassandra's bedroom, this room is actually quite simple and clean. On the immediate left is a rack with no more than twenty bottles of alcohol in it. There are bottles of mostly blush wines accompanied by 10 bottles of the same type of tequila. One can tell that these bottles aren't imported, but were actually bought in Mexico from a private collection. Just beyond that is a wooden bowl on a pedestal. On the far wall is a display case that is locked with a few stone knives, a couple carved stone tablets, and a rusty sword. To the far right is a large lounging pad on the floor. The lounging pad could easily correlate to a straw filled mattress with what looks like a hand embroidered covering and it's lumpy appearance. If one were to sit on it, you would find it is somewhat comfortable but it isn't like the modern round resting spot in the library. The only other item in the room is a large, very old, very worn table. This table looks as though it has seen many years. The only thing on top of the table is a large antique silver decanter.

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