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 Post subject: Sorjourn Dar'Frank
PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 5:35 am 

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Sorjourn Dar'Frank squinted in the candle light. His face mere inches from the book as he tried to read. He hated his vision loss. He was a cleric of Ioun and he could not read the books he so loved and was sworn to protect. What was it that the paladin said? He was sent on a quest by his father and that this coming darkness and what plagued the Kingdom of Solamnia was the same. Surely it was, because he was the protector of the elven maid that would find the true cleric, but something didn’t sit right. The old man struggled to remember what the seekers said and to find the answer in his tomes. None of the scribes that would read to him would stay any longer. They all went home hours ago and perhaps for the best. They were tired of reading and they didn’t know what he were looking for. He didn't quite know what he was looking for either.

Sorjourn really didn’t know what the seekers wanted him to do. He found the reference to the old temple at Tal’ Kalzor and sent the maid there, but surely no one has lived there for centuries. Why would a cleric, true or not, be at the temple. The seekers also stated that darkness was weak but already guarding the… guarding the cleric? No, that can’t be right. What was it that the darkness was guarding? And if it was so important and worth guarding, why would it be weak? These answers and more had to be in his books. The answers always were. He had the wealth of knowledge that only the largest temple of Ioun could possess at his fingertips, only he didn’t know where to look.

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