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 Post subject: Notes
PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2015 9:41 pm 

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Just putting my notes from the session here.

* * *

travelers heading north, obscured by hooded robes
in small groups of 5-10
coming from the valley to the SW

renee mentioned places: solace, gateway, haven
those are also in the SW direction

* * *

First, no beauty -- not even that in this valley -- is safe. All the riches of the past could not protect the ancient peoples. Gold has no value in the world now: it is too soft for swords or armor. Steel is the most valued metal of all, though each small kingdom has its own currency and exchange.

It is a wonder that any beautiful places are left in the world. Before the Cataclysm, the days were calm and ordered; nothing was unexpected. Now the world is changed: its change has taught two great lessons.

From this rock outcropping the valley below seems peaceful, untouched. Dense forests of pine carpet the mountainsides, varied only by thick aspen woods. The mountains, deep blue in the distance, circle the valley floor and form a soft highland bowl.

The air surges fierce and sweet, carrying the clear musk smell of the woodlands. The soft murmur of stirring leaves, of insects, and of small animals fills the landscape. The clear highland sky blushes with the end of day and fades into starry sleep.

* * *

Went through the valley to the SW.
Attempted ambush on the road.
"Onyx demands the blue crystal staff. Forfeit the staff or die."
We killed ~10 hobgoblins.
The rider who had spoken to us ran off, going into the hills to the west of the valley.

Arrived at Solace.

a storyteller said: "I foresee great and terrible destiny in your eyes. There is a Blue Staff which you must return to Xak Tsaroth. There, in but a few days hence, you shall face your greatest peril in contest for the greatest gift given to man."

a father said: "A man of the Holy Guard rode through two days ago asking about that staff. He said that anyone who had it or had knowledge of it should make haste to the Capital of Haven and meet at once with the Prelate of the Temple there -- but I certainly do not want to get involved!"

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