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Some information in this email is "above board" knowledge that your characters do not have. It is not information that you need to have in the game. If you wish not have above board knowledge or cannot role play your character without influence of this knowledge - do NOT read it...

…from the Iconochronos of Astinus of Palanthus, Lore Keeper of Kyrnn, in the 351st year after the Cataclysm.

…Darkness has fallen over this world, poor, suffering Krynn. Thus it has been since the great Cataclysm, when the old world fell. Curse the High priest of Istar, whose pride cause him to give orders to the True Gods, rather than to ask humbly for their aid. For the Gods punished Krynn for this blasphemy, and much was forever lost. Lost were the great cities, the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of many generations. Lost as well was all knowledge of the True Gods, and mankind sank into idolatry. Clerics lost their power, and mankind lost hope for its salvation.

But hope always springs from the most modest of causes, and so it was that the Champions of Light began the salvation of Krynn.

Sir Randal de Winter is the leader, a Knight of the Sword quested by his father with vague direction to save Krynn and the Knights of Solamnia from darkness. His moto is, Est Sularus oth Mithas – My Honor is my Life. He is a man of military bearing, of great dignity, and of power – a true knight.

Rose is a ranger. An ally of the Knights of Solamnia, a true friend to weary travelers and the weak. The world knows of no equal to her guidance in the wilds.

Malcolm, a sailor and medic whose love of the sea is only over shadowed by his study of the arcane. Chance found him, witness of great magic and myth entrap him on this quest. His power and knowledge bring light to his fellow Champions.

Samwise is a Handler (I would say thief) of the Kender people, a halfing in size but a giant in curiosity. He is a treasure of odd information, of useful insights, and of clever solutions to knotty problems. Stories always entertained him and now they drive his wonder forward.

Ciyradyl Evanstar is from the ancient elfhome of the Qualinesti people. A seeker of knowledge in search of the ultimate truth. She questioned her own people, but when they could not help her discover it, she sought answers in her faith.

They came together in the temple of the false god Ioun in Tantillon and found guidance that carried them forward together with a genuine goal to save Krynn from the falling darkness. Their journey carried them to a den of evil where they obtained the Blue Crystal staff that belonged to the Goddess Mishakal. Fate was at work. At the Inn of the Last Home, a message was sent to the Champions who found the wisdom to follow where fate led. The True Gods, working through subtlety, as is their want, had begun the redemption of Krynn.

The Champions, led by Sir Randal, sought out the dangers that lurked in Xak Tsaroth, an ancient city fallen to evil. Now occupied by draconians, the mysterious, evil servants of the Dragonlords, Xak Tsaroth proved to be the home of the darkest of evil: Onyx, a Black Dragon.

Ah, you say, A Dragon. A creature of myth. The great serpents are only tales with which to frighten young children, you think. Yet though dragons have not entered Krynn in over one thousand years, they have returned. How have the Dragonlords brought the serpents into Krynn? How have they gained such power? How can mere man stand against an army of dragons? There questions plague me, and I cannot sleep.

But the power of the True Gods shone forth. The Crystal Staff was blessed by the Goddess Mishakal, whose great power is that of Healing. A Knight of Solamnia proved his worth when his blade found the dragon’s heart, and so were discovered the Disks of the Gods, which brought knowledge of the True Gods back to Krynn.

And miracle of miracles, Ciyradyl became the first true Cleric of Krynn after many dark centuries! Truly fate has shined upon us.

But even now, as the weary adventurers journey back, the Dragonlords’ armies are on the march. Solace has been laid waste. Even the mighty Pax Tharkas has fallen to the invaders. Imprisoned there are the families of many brave northmen, hostages for fathers and husbands toiling in the iron mines surrounding that fortress.

Where will the heroes, armed with scant knowledge, go from here? They must hurry, else Krynn is doomed.

Although weary, I must keep watching. I shall return to my golden chair, once again gaze into the crystal globe, and let my spirit join the Champions of Light on their quest…

<<-Evil DM->>

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