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Washburn family notes
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Author:  Shadow_of_a_ST [ Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:55 am ]
Post subject:  Washburn family notes

Notes that I have for the Washburn mini-quest:
  • Ed has agreed to help revive Mr. Harold Washburn from his torpor. There is still some research going on about this.
  • Treasure from the house:
    • Jewelry: Washburn wedding rings (his & hers), Emerald necklace and matching earrings inside the coffin from Malia Washburn, 5 golden cross necklaces
    • Weapons: 4 longswords long overdue for maintenance, 3 Bayonets, 2 pistols, shot, powder.
    • One of the swords from the weapon rack on the first level has maintained excellent condition. It is a greatsword that has a hand carved ivory hilt and has not rusted at all. When Deus inspected it, it began to glow a pure white light. The peen block of the pommel has a cross on it (and very tiny are the letters MM). Stats: dmg 5(L), size 3/N - not concealable when activated for light, Durability 4, Cost: priceless, Notes: can penetrate through some of the supernatural barriers/armors (1), can hit ghosts/ethereal creatures. Light feature is equivalent of 3 candles, can be activated 1/day for 1 scene. Cost of activation: Small prayer of affirmation to God.
    • Two werewolf gifts: Gift: ward vs. humans altered so that its duration is much longer (1 year). Gift: Ghost Knife: can be applied to claws on the werewolf's hands as well.
    • Grymm's Fairy Tales handbound leather handwritten book with notes from Mrs. Washburn in the margins. The difference between Disney's fairy tales and what Grimm's Fairy Tales is; is the same difference between Grimm's Fairy Tales and Grymm's Fairy Tales. The latter takes all the misbelief out of these being Fairy Tales and being more of stories that truly did happen. Her notes compare these to actual life events of the time such as in Sleeping Beauty, Mrs. Washburn's notes state: Aurora from the Miller's farm has been in a coma for three months. They are thinking of killing her. I suggested to let each of the boys kiss her just incase. It worked. - Book is still being researched by Ed.
    • Silver pieces donated to the Smithsonian Museum - Group Merit: Allies (Museum) 1 dot. Group has equivalency in modern silver for the artifact silver.
    • Floor plans and Estate plans of the Washburn family. These do not exist anywhere that the PCs can find.
  • Mr. Harold Washburn - ran with the elite political crowd and was vastly wealthy. Was turned by the same person who turned George Washington. Was hunted down because he wasn't supposed to be made. He hid on a plantation he owned in Kentucky. He thought he could get away with hiding there but George sent waves of assassination groups to his house. One of them succeeded.
  • Mrs. Harold Washburn. Birth name Malia (Native American for "Animal Helper". She is a 50/50 mix of Native American and white). Werewolf name: "Earth" Mother of all souls (spirits too). Title Regional Shaman [Spirit Tongue]. Had several children none of which from Mr. Harold Washburn to continue on the werewolf bloodline.

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