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Even considering the time that he spent as a ghoul he was the youngest supernatural in the group. Those of his kind refer to vampires of his age as neonates, but only his friends would jest with him using that derogatory term. Most other vampires either fear him or respect him enough not connect him with other young vampires.

Devon led the group through the tunnels that they found connected under the nosferatu’s house in western DC. Victoria and Adamus followed close behind him. Occasionally he fired off a round killing a rat that he knew was spying on them for their master. The nosferatu was keeping tabs on their progress as they made their way through the maze of tunnels. He didn’t like being in their territory, but that was the job now. You can’t hunt anyone by sitting on your own couch. They came to another intersection. Devon glanced at it to make sure it was safe and that there were no four legged spies around then he turned to look at the Promethean. “Well, what do you think?” Adamus took a step forward and peered into the intersection and then back and forth at both of the options. “To the right” Adamus replied and gestured. The trek took hours. Exiting this set of tunnels to the surface, going into those sewers, following this storm water ditch system, entering the maintenance corridors for the subway and so on. If the Nos wasn’t dragging the two ghouls around with him he might have gotten away. They were close now. They shut down their flashlights and it was very dark. Devon inched forward trying to get a sense of bearing on the fugitives.

The Nos suddenly sprang forward reaching for Devon's neck. Before he could react the promethean plowed into his attacker, but the vicious vorpal claws still managed to nick him. Devon grabbed his own neck in reaction and felt the wound. He knew if he was mortal, his heart would be pumping his blood out of his jugular. Devon called out and his voice sounded wispy and hallow. “We’re to bring that one in alive!” Well, as much alive as an undead vampire could be he thought. Then he rushed in with Victoria on his heels. One of the ghouls lit a match and they both froze in their tracks at the sudden vision of their own destruction in the flames. Each of ghouls locked eyes with one of the vampires in this moment of hesitation and spoke. “We are not the ones that you have come for. Give up and go home.” The ghouls spoke the words in unison like it was rehearsed. Devon’s mind slowed and was cloudy. He glanced at Victoria and could see that she was likewise affected. Damn, he thought… these ghouls are dangerous. Then he raised his guns to their surprise and put a bullet in each of their heads.

That marked the first of many expositions against the Franklin upraising. The ghoul family attempted to use the power vacuum of George Washington’s death to assert control of the DC vampires using several primogens that they managed to blood bond. When the Franklins were divide up after Edward’s death, they made their way into almost every vampire house that mattered. Ghouls blood bonding vampires. Who would have thought that the role could ever have been reversed? No one knows just how they found a way and what vampire doesn’t take blood from his ghouls every now and then? There were some rumors of a Tremere lich that helped them with the blood magic but no lich was ever found.

Eva called the shots. Told him where to go and who to kill. He saved several of the primogens from similar enslavement by the Franklin ghouls. When the new court was formed, several even suggested that he should take the role of Sheriff, but the new Prince said no and that ended the discussion. Still rumors floated around that he was a secret deputy of the new Sheriff. He could have had that job if he wanted, but he refused. He was already a bitch to one vampire and he will never freely enslave himself to another. When Devon revealed that it was Eva that guided his actions, her election as the new Prince became undisputed. The others that were interested bent the knee. Some owing the freedom of their thoughts to her and Devon’s actions, they owed a debt that could not be repaid.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Years Later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Adamus closed the car door behind AJ and strolled around the car. He got in and let the car’s suspension adjust to his weight.

<<-Evil DM->>

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