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 Post subject: Derek's Corspe
PostPosted: Thu May 12, 2016 1:04 am 

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The three of them stood over the body of their pack leader, their Alpha. The Lady Sage was just closing the door to the upper room at the Company of the Wolves as she left. She wanted to be there with them, but she also wanted to respect their loss. She was not one of the pack, but she was with Derek when he died and was just delivering his body to them. Drae had shoved all of the dishes and mugs off the table when they brought him in. They ignored the spilled beer, coffee, and meat that littered the floor and was just staring at his lifeless corpse in disbelief. Shannon started to cry and buried her face into Ricky’s chest. Drae put his hands on Derek’s abdomen and chest. “Wait… he is not cold.” he said without thinking.

Shannon immediate looked back to Derek. The body was not regenerating and he was not breathing. Still she went to the table and touched his cold chest. She took in a deep breathe not realizing that she was holding her breath unconsciously. “Why would you say that?! He is as cold as ice!” she yelled.

“But not as cold as the dead” he replied. He started exploring Derek’s wounds with his hands.

“What, what are you saying?”

“I am saying… it is true that his spirit has left his body, but he has not passed beyond the gauntlet to the world beyond that. His spirit is trapped and he cannot rest. We must save him”.

“You can bring him back?”

“No, that is not what I am saying, but we must help him. His spirit is not free. We must find what has trapped him so we can free his spirit so he can run past the gauntlet. If we don’t, he can never rest and will forever be a prisoner in this world tormented without a body.”

“What, like a ghost?”

“No, not like a ghost. Ghosts are lost spirits of humans that have forgotten the connection with their bodies. We can never be ghosts. This is worse than a ghost. In life we are half spirit and thus already in harmony with both worlds. When we lose our body we lose our harmony.”
The three dire wolves circled the old funeral home until they found what they were looking for. Ricky gnawed the power meter with his jaws until he had a good grip and with one violent yank he ripped the box from the building in a shower of sparks. The lights went out suddenly. The occupants were on their guard and flashlights were lit almost immediately. One man went to the window to look outside. The fool. Shannon pounced through the glass sinking her teeth in the flesh of the man’s neck. Others in the building were quicker then she expected and she was taking gunfire. Things were not going as planned. “Bloody werewolves, switch to silver” a man deeper in the building shouted. Her two pack mates jumped through other windows to help draw the fire.

There was a small pause in the gunfire and three dire wolves rushed in as the defenders attempted to switch their clips. Three men died in that moment. A fourth managed to finish reloading and sprayed Ricky with silver bullets. Ricky; or Dirt as some called him, never before felt the sting of silver and the anger overtook him. His muscles bulged as his stood up on two feet and charged the man. Bullets continued to strike him but his anger drove him on. Shannon listened beyond the gunfire to sounds coming from upstairs. “This is Sparta Four to HQ. We’re being attacked by werewolves. I repeat, we’re being attacked by werewolves. Send Tank’s team. Over.”

“This is HQ to Sparta Four. Disengage and get out of there now. Over.”

The man dropped the radio and backed away slowly from Shannon with his hands out in the open. “Please, I… I am a vampire hunter. I don’t have any quarrel with you.” Shannon looked the man in the eyes as she snarled at him. She began to gesture to the door for the man to leave which saved her from the pepper spray that the man shot all over the fur of her cheek. She growled at him and his fell over onto his back. She was mad at him, but for some reason she spared his life. She grabbed his arm with her teeth and toss him out the second story window which was as gentle as she was going to be after the pepper spray.

Drae stood over staring into Ricky’s eyes and watched as his pack mate drew a final breath. Drae let out a lingering howl into the night.
Shannon and Drae found what they were looking for in the Spartan Field Office last night. She wondered if it was too high of a price to pay. Drae reminded her several times that Ricky knew what he was doing. His sacrifice may have saved them. Who would have thought they would have military assault rifles with magazines of silver bullets at the ready? It sucked. Drae agreed with her that Ricky paid a high price. Maybe too high, but he had to give her solace in something. Drae only hoped now that he could garner the wisdom to be successful in calling upon their totem spirit to free Derek from this evil blade. Derek’s spirit was not the first spirit that this sword drank into it. Drae could feel the history of this ancient weapon when he glided his fingers over the steel. They brought both Derek’s and Ricky’s bodies to the warehouse loft. Shannon watched for three hours as Drae preformed the ritual. No tears came from her eyes. She was filled with too much anger and hate to grieve.
Shannon and Drae followed Derek’s spirit through the gauntlet. It was difficult to keep up. The dire wolf seemed to grow faster with every spirit that it consumed. They have never killed so many spirits on a hunt before even between the whole pack over many moons of hunting. This was just one wolf and his hunger did not seem to know any bounds. They knew it was Derek, but Shannon’s worry started to grow. She stopped counting the kills long ago, but he must be up to what 200? 300? She was not sure. “Must we destroy him to set him free” she asked?

“No, we must lead his spirit back to his body so the spirit knows that he is dead. The spirit is seeking essence to heal itself, but these are wounds it cannot heal. We must show him the way”.

“But how? He is our Alpha. How can you lead an Alpha anywhere? Alphas do what they want. He is the leader. We cannot lead him. His must come on his own accord.”

“True, but he is only spirit now. We must guide him. Let’s leave him here and call him to us.”

Shannon and Drae passed through the gauntlet leaving Derek on the other side. Drae gathered everything that he needed together and started another ritual. This time he focused on calling Derek’s spirit. This was the first time that Drae ever tried to use this ritual to call a werewolf from the other side of the gauntlet, but he could not think of another way. More hours passed. Shannon felt a strong presence and started looking around the loft. “I think he’s here” she said hoping that it was Derek that Drae had contacted. Drae was also looking around. There wasn’t a visable emanation of the spirit that they could see, but one was definitely there. They could feel where it went as it moved about the room. Drae started talking to him. “Derek. If you are here, revel yourself to us”. This went on for some time with the spirit looking around, circling the room than abruptly all the essence of its being dove into Derek’s body and there was a sudden glop of air as he took breath.

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