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 Post subject: The Reunion
PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2016 11:40 pm 

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The Stewart of the Seasons turned back to her and leaned over the bench staring at her. “Have you forgotten you who you are?” he questioned.

“No, I… No, I haven’t” she stammered. “I am Doctor Agnes Juliette Vanderbilt-Giacopelli, M.D. I am a heart surgeon at…”

“NO! No, you are not. You are an emergency room doctor. AJ… our AJ was an emergency room doctor.” He paused briefly and she tried to make sense of what he was saying. Why is this happening again? This was not supposed to happen this way. This was not why she was here. This was going to be a celebration not a trial. Look at everyone. They are all in their finest costumes. “The AJ that we knew had a fetch that was a heart surgeon. Our AJ tried to heal everyone with her knowledge because she could not heal them with her heart. She could not care. She could not love...”

“NO! IT IS YOU WHO ARE MISTAKEN! I am Doctor Agnes Juliette Vanderbilt-Giacopelli and I am a heart surgeon! I am also an ER doctor. I am both of those things. I can love with my heart and I can heal with my knowledge. I am neither a fetch nor the Lost I was before. I am something more than either of them. I am whole. You must accept that.”

“We must do nothing. Doctor Agnes Juliette Vanderbuilt-Giacopelli, M.D… fetch or something more. By your own admission, you are no longer the Lost that gave an Oath to this court. You bring with you what her keeper left in this world. You lived a life while Agnes Juliette Vanderbuilt was a prisoner of her keeper. I don’t know what you’ve done with her, but you; fetch or something more, you are not welcome in our court”.

Her consciousness fled from her body and she watched the scene from above. A silver man and a violet haired girl flanked her on both slides leading her out as she struggled against them with all her might.

AJ woke up with a violent jerk as she pulled away from Silver’s grip. Soaked in her own sweat she looked around the room. Everything was dark except for the light at the bar. She saw Adamus walk past behind the bar and remembered that she went to Devon’s penthouse. “Frank, what time is it?” she asked.

“It’s seven o’clock” Adamus called back to her.

“What? Frank, you let me sleep past the night? You knew I wanted to see Devon.” She sat up annoyed looking around the penthouse again.

“No, relax. It’s seven o’clock PM. Devon will be out after the ladies are done with him."

Devon had come to terms with the three blood dolls Eva sends to him every night. They had to do their job and they used him for their pleasure. He had to admit that they were skilled and that knew what they were doing. He could tell that they did everything they could to please him and overall it was an enjoyable experience, but for him, something was always missing. Some nights they weren’t finished with him for hours. Devon thought part of what they did was to delay him each night. To make sure that Eva egressed from her chambers first and had full control of the night before he was released. Devon had no will or design against Eva, but he could not convince her that the blood dolls were not necessary and he no longer tried. At least he was fed when he was finally freed from his chambers.

Tonight Devon headed towards the living room of his penthouse and smelled a familiar scent. “Admaus, send your lady friend away. I don’t like the way she smells.” He stepped out in larger room and saw AJ raising from his davenport.

“You don’t like the way I smell?” she challenged. Devon locked eyes with her. “AJ, how good it is to see you again. The scent; it reminds me of you, actually. I wasn’t expecting to see you tonight. What brings you to my home?”

“It’s good to see you too, Devon. I am not sure, really, but I wanted to see you.” She approached and Devon took a slight step back. She eyed him. “It’s me Devon. I am not here to hurt you.” She finished her approach a put her arms around him. “I am not worried about that.” he spoke with her embrace warming him. He knew that if she wanted to, she could engulf them both in flames and that would be his end. He also thought that if she did that, he could probably snap her neck before she got away. “I was just not expecting to see you. I was collecting my thoughts on what I need to do tonight. I thought you gave up trying to see me a year ago. I wasn’t avoiding you on purpose. Just busy. Something is going on with you AJ. I haven’t seen you for a long time but I can still tell that something has you on edge. What is going on?” She loosen her embrace looking up to search his face and eyes. After a moment she let him go and strolled back to the couch in thought. She didn’t mean to, but she started telling him about the longing that she felt and about the dreams that she’s been having.


“Look Arty, every time I replace a part with something new or even just replace the oil… you seem to go away for a few days. I drove this thing for months after I rebuilt it thinking you were long gone. I don’t think I should continue with putting in all of these upgrades. I’ll just find a different project car. You’re more important than this hobby of mine” the mechanic was explaining. Arty frowned.

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