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Day 7 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
After watching the adventurers go in and out of camp for the past few days; the storyteller started telling stories about them fighting the undead and of finding a half buried temple of our god Pelor. As a Necromancer, I was very curious about everything that the storyteller had to say. But given my young age of 15, I had serious doubts that Suris, our Patriarch, would allow me to join the party on their next adventure. Much to my surprise, Suris said yes.
We started out early that morning; in our group was Nox, a rogue human who is brother to Valin who is a ranger, also with us was Shey, a gnome wizard who likes to invent all kinds of cool things. Then there was my cousin Malis who is a very good fighter who Suris appointed as my bodyguard. Davius, a human cleric of Pelor, and Belger an elvin barbarian (very strange to see an elvin barbarian) was also part of our group. I hope that Davius is accepting of me, I know it must be hard for him knowing that I serve Pelor as a necromancer.
The trip to the temple took longer than I expected. Along the way, Valin was telling me of how he had come across a talking badger the other day in the woods. He said that the badger had informed him of a curse that was on our band due to the party’s first visit to the temple. He said that we had to go back to the temple to find the item that the undead were looking for and return it to its true owner so that our curse will be lifted.
We were suddenly attacked by a goblin scouting party. After we defeated them, Nox went to loot the bodies. What a desecration, even if they are goblins. I’m almost happy that all he found were a few copper pieces.
We had to fight some skeletons when we first got to the temple. After that, we excavated the temple and we found a chamber that had a giant necklace in it that some old cleric of Pelor had guarded until he died, Nox also found more of the copper pieces that the goblins had. The goblins must have gotten the copper from the temple. We had to fight this huge snake in the chamber and four of its little babies. I guess that the snake had a nest in there but the other egg was destroyed before it hatched. Davius took the skeleton of the old cleric along with the old cleric’s mace, armor and other items and gave the old cleric a proper burial outside of the temple to honor Pelor.
It was getting dark out and some of our party decided to go back to camp to inform Suris of what we found and to have the band move into the temple for safe keeping until we can figure out what to do with this necklace. Shey and Davius took the first watch so that Malis and I could rest, we would have the second watch.
I don’t think that I even got to shut my eyes when I heard something in the hallway just in front of Malis and me. It was a bunch of skeletons and ghouls coming to attack us. I yelled for help, but no one came out of any of the rooms, so it was just Malis and me fighting the skeletons and ghouls. Suddenly one of the doors to the temple we had barricaded came smashing open and in ran Belger, Valin and Nox. I was so glad to see them; they must have heard me yell for help. Nox and Valin ran into different rooms where I guess Davius and Shey were, and Belger helped Malis and me.
It was quite a fight and several of us were badly wounded, Malis and I were badly wounded, but Shey was unconscious. I don’t remember too much after that except that Davius came over and healed me, and then the rest of the band started showing up to make camp at the temple.

Day 8 of out trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
Most of our party rested to regain our strength. Shey and I had to take time to prepare spells and Davius had to take time to pray. I know that Davius and some others must be talking to Suris about what we should do next, but for now I don’t care, I just want more rest.
Something isn’t right about those undead guys. They seem to pop up out of the ground with no one to animate or control them. I think someone is watching us.

Day 9 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
Darius called for a party meeting and informed us that we needed to go and find the goblin camp. They think that the goblins may know something about the giant necklace and who we can return it to. I think they’re nuts for walking into a goblin camp, especially since Valin has so many of their scalps that he carries with him. They really stink!!! Valin hates goblins and I’m not so sure that he will stay his hand from attacking them even though they will out number us.

Our party made it back to the original goblin camp and Valin started tracking their path so we could find them. As we tracked their path Valin noticed that ankhegs also started tracking the goblins. Valin found a total of three different ankheg tracks. He said that he would scout further ahead of us to make sure the ankhegs don’t double back and attack us. That was useless! We wound up being attacked and Valin was nowhere to be found. He did show up after the fight already started, but we had been fighting for quite a while before then.
After battling the ankhegs, Valin started tracking the goblins again and we found many of the goblin families slaughtered by the ankhegs. But Valin found more goblin tracks leading away from their dead. It wasn’t long after the carnage that we found the rest of the goblins and they had set up camp for the night.

Well, we made it out of the goblin camp without a fight. I think it was because Valin ran off into a tree to hide while we negotiated with the goblin leader. The goblin leader told us of a goblin bog witch that lived at the base of a mountain north-west of their camp. The goblin leader said that the bog witch knew of where to find the giant kings burial site so we could return his necklace. Davius decided that we should go straight to the witch instead of back to camp because it would take less time. At any rate, we made our own camp about a twenty-minute hike from the goblin camp. Boy! Am I ready for some rest! Belger had the first watch, and I get the night off, yea!

Day 10 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
My strength is returning and a dwarf in our band has healed me. Last night during Belger’s watch our party was attacked by orogs. Only three of us escaped the battle, Valin (who carried me back to the temple), Shey and me. Out of the three of us, I was the only one injured, and I was bleeding very badly by the time Valin got me back to camp.
Valin believes that the other four are still alive, although his dog died. Valin wants to go and find where they are being held and rescue them. I want to go with him, after all if Malis is still alive, I want him back safe.

Day 11 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
Just a day of much needed rest for all of us.

Day 12 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
Malis and Belger returned to camp on their own, both where pretty beat up and in need of a lot of healing and rest, but they where alive and home, thank Pelor! Malis said that Nox and Davius were still alive but being tortured for information about a dwarf war party. The orogs believe that we are spies. Malis said that Davius negotiated his and Belgers release. Shey, Valin and I are going to go and negotiate the release of our friends.

Day 13 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a sinter home:
Our negotiations failed with the orogs. They told us that Nox and Davius did not last the night, but none of us believe it. We camped slightly out of their sight and waited for them to break camp and move on, which didn’t take that long. After we entered their abandoned camp, we found three sets of human foot prints leading out of the camp. It looks like the orogs are tracking them, so we decided to follow the human foot prints to see where they led. After a while the orogs must have given up on hunting our friends and went a different direction. We kept on following the human foot prints, which led us right back to the temple and our band, they made it home!

Day 14 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
It was a good two full day and two nights rest and we are all ready for our trip to find the goblin bog witch. Most of yesterday was spent reporting to Suris what had happened and what was still needing to happen. I’ve been noticing that the undead are more numerous and that more and more attacks are being made on our band. This is still puzzling to me, why the increase? Who is animating and controlling them? Maybe it’s just the curse, but I don’t think so.
Yesterday Davius spent part of it praying to Pelor and digging up the old clerics remains in order to retrieve the mace, and armor since Davius doesn’t have any weapons or armor anymore. Malis found some leather armor and a sword; Belger and Nox also found armor and weapons to replace what they lost. Shey said she spent time making some scrolls although I didn’t get the chance to ask her which spells she used, because we are on our way to find the goblin bog witch.

Negotiations with the goblin bog witch turned out well, we got the map we needed and are preparing to leave for the giant king’s burial site.

Day 15 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
We left camp at mid-morning to go to the giant’s tomb and only got part of the way there when we were attacked by leucrotta while going through this ravine. We lost Valin for a while, but Nox and Malis found him and Davius went over to heal him. Several of us needed healing and rest to regain our spells, so we camped that night in the leucrotta’s cave. Poor Valin, he still thinks that he was attacked by Zebras. I think this attack on Valin affected him more than he thought, he wanted to see Shey’s ice-frog and then he licks it. Of, course his tongue got stuck and there he is, standing there with this frog hanging off his tongue. Shey’s running to go get her water-skin and the rest of us are laughing hysterically. It’s been a long time since someone has made me laugh. Valin can be so cute sometimes.

Day 16 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
We finally got to the giants tomb at dark. We all climbed down this rope that Shey had to get into the tomb. The first room we entered was full of statues, two of them where noble guards, and the other three where of different creatures. One of the creatures was a dragon and Shey had fun coloring him with prestidigitation.
The second room was empty with the exception of a giant throne in the middle of it. There was a mural of a battle scene painted on the ceiling. It had a battle between the noble giants and dragons against hill giants and trolls. Our party had only taken a couple of steps into this room when we were teleported into this battle that had been painted on the ceiling. Shey insisted that what we were experiencing was not real, but Valin struck out against one of the hill giants and then we all started to be attacked. Davius yelled out for us to find out which one was the king so we could give him his necklace. I turned invisible and started walking around the battle to find the king. He was badly injured from the battle so I ran back to get Davius and told him which one was the king and that he was badly hurt. Davius worked his way around the battle field and I started in combat.
It wasn’t very long after I started in the battle that we were all teleported back into the throne room. I thought, “Great, Davius gave the giant king his necklace.” But that was not the case, he still had the necklace. Now we have to search the tomb to find the remains of this king.
We looked through several chambers fighting undead along the way, but we finally found the proper chamber and a way to get inside it. Most of us couldn’t fit through the small tunnel so Nox, Malis and Davius went in to return the necklace. Thank Pelor that’s over, now I can stop worrying about our families back at the temple. I sure hope that they are all ok.

Day 17 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
We had camped outside of the opening to the giant’s tomb and something must have happened during Nox’s watch, because he is missing. Davius was suspicious about him being gone, he kept on saying something about a ring. Valin wanted to go down into the tomb to find his brother, but Davius said that we should wait for him to return and had the rope pulled out of the tomb opening. It wasn’t very long before Nox returned and wanted out of the tomb, but Davius kept asking him questions about this ring, and wanted to know if Nox went back to take it. Nox was indignant claiming that he was not a thief. What??!? He’s a rouge!!! Nox finally convinced Davius to let him out of the tomb and then they started to drill Malis with questions about him taking the ring. Now I’m really confused, my cousin is no thief, but for some reason during his watch he snuck back down into the tomb and took the ring. Valin and Nox returned to the tomb to take the ring back to the king. The last thing we need is more curses on our families. Davius ordered Shey and I back to sleep so we can restore our spells, so we went back to bed.
After resting and restoring our spells, Nox and Valin returned WITH THE NECKLACE!!! It seems that the dead king woke up and told them that this wasn’t his necklace and that it belonged to a king in one of the southern kingdoms. Ok, as a necromancer I’m curious as to how a dead guy wakes up?? Nox said he was never dead only in some kind of magical sleep. Anyway, it’s already mid-day and instead of heading back victorious to our families, now we have to go look for ANOTHER dead king!

We spent the rest of the day traveling south with no map and no specific area to look in for this other tomb.

Day 18 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
Spent the whole day traveling, nothing is happening for a nice change of pace. I’m very worried about our families back at the temple. Things just are not adding up. If the necklace is the thing that is causing the curse, then why are we not being pursued by these undead. We should have drawn the undead away from our families when we left with the necklace. I guess I have a lot more studying to do about the undead, because what I know so far about them isn’t factual.

Day 19 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
Half way through the day we came across a burning homestead. Only two buildings were left standing, one turned out to be a smokehouse and the other a tool shed. Malis ran into the main house to see if he could find any survivors, Davius ran into the tool shed and Nox went into the smokehouse. Once Shey found out about the tool shed, she ran inside to get some tools. I stayed on my horse to keep a watch for either good or bad. Malis found a total of 28 bodies but thought he heard something under the floor so Davius and I run over to help with the search. In the root cellar we found a little girl named Emma. She was very scared of us and upset that she didn’t see her family.
The poor little girl took the news about her family better than I thought, but she really draws away from us. Davius and the others decided to cremate the bodies so we put half of them in one shed and half in the other. Valin returned from scouting for tracks and found orog and knoll tracks. Valin is so brave, but I hate it when he wanders off alone, it seems that he always gets attacked, one of these days he’s going to wind-up dead and that would make me so sad.
Shey and I went back to the root cellar and loaded up on food supplies. It started to snow and doesn’t look like it will let up soon. Davius decided that we needed to leave as soon as possible in case the orogs and knolls returned. Taking Emma with us, we camped not far from the burned homestead.

Day 20 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
We spent the whole day traveling and we noticed that we were being followed, although I didn’t hear him say by who. We are all worried about Emma getting hurt if we should have to battle, but she is riding with Belger and couldn’t be safer from harm. If the worst happens, I’m saving one of my invisibility spells for her. Davius wants to travel through the night and rest on the horses to try to stay ahead of those who pursue us. Valin moved to the end of our group to cover our tracks because it is still snowing.

Day 21 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
It’s snowing so bad that we can only see 60 feet in front of us. We haven’t seen the trackers behind us so Valin has moved back to the front of the group. He spotted a battle happening between two groups of humans. One group was some homesteaders fleeing from the battles of the white witch. After helping the homesteaders, we asked them about the southern kingdoms and they said that they couldn’t help us because they didn’t know any information.
We all decided to take the chance and travel to the woods of the elves and have Belger go in and find out what information he could. So we continued south to the woods of the elves. We also decided to stop for the night because the horses were very tired and we needed to wait out the worst of this snow storm. It looks like winter is already here.

Day 22 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
During the night we were attacked by orogs and knolls. Shey, who has practically adopted Emma, protected her during the battle. Belger was killed and I as well as most of the rest of us was fairly wounded. Davius and I ran over to Belger’s body, and Davius started rummaging through his back pack and pulled out one of the potions that hadn’t been identified yet. He tried to identify it but couldn’t so he handed it to me. Well I don’t have an identify spell prepared so I did the best with what skills I had. To our luck it was a resurrection potion. Davius revived Belger and started healing everyone.
I noticed Valin scalping the orogs chanting and dancing and painting his face with their blood. I sat and watched him for most of this ceremony he did and came to a conclusion. He isn’t scalping and celebrating because of his hatred for his enemies, but to celebrate the preservation of the lives of those spared. Death to his enemies means life for his family and those he cares about. The scalps he collects he uses to empower himself over his enemies; I remember reading about some native tribes that do the same thing. What a beautiful thing that he is doing, using death to empower himself and to celebrate life. WOW! Maybe I should talk to him more about necromancy and get to know him some more. He looks so cute with the blood marks on his face, I hope he wants to spend time with me too.

Day 23 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
We finally got some rest last night and continued our trip to the elf woods with Valin leading the way. I still worry about him getting hurt. I wonder if Shey would swap horses with me so I can spend more time with him and get to talk to him about why he does what he does with those scalps, and I can tell him about what I do as well.
We made it to the edge of the elf woods and it stopped snowing. Belger went in to see what help he could get for us. I hope he is ok.

Day 24 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
We waited all day for Belger to return and still no sign of him. I was going to try to spend time with Valin but Davius has Shey and me working on making magic dust. We are going to need a lot of magic dust to identify the items we have found so far. There are some arrows, boots, a great sword and one more potion.
I now have a master work mace and Valin and Belger have master work bracers and there are two sets of master work studded leather, all of which I would like to be able to enchant and make magical now that I have the skills. I also need to work on the weapons that Malis found in Emma’s house, along with a silver candelabra. I just don’t have the time for Valin now.

Day 25 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
Still working and waiting on Belger to return from the elf woods. There isn’t any sign of this “Druid” that Valin thinks is going to help us, I wonder if she was wrong about this curse or not. I mean, after all, the bog witch lied to us, so why not this “Druid” as well.

Day 26 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
Still working and waiting on Belger to return from the elf woods. I’m getting very worried about him and so is everyone else. These elves don’t like outsiders and will kill all who enter their woods. But since Belger is an elf, we thought he would be safe; maybe we were wrong. I’m also worried about our families, we have been gone for so long, I’m afraid of what we might find when we get back to the temple.

Day 27 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
Belger finally showed up with an invitation for all of us to go to the elf village in the woods. I’m skeptical but Davius doesn’t seem bothered by it, so in we all went. We didn’t get to the village until after dark, but the shop keepers had no problem accommodating us with our trade. I finally identified the great sword as an enchanted item although a weak one.
Valin came up and asked me what I would need to turn his master work items into enchanted items. My heart was pounding so that I didn’t know if I could speak. I quickly scribbled out a list of components that I needed and gave Nox the silver candelabra to get some money for Valin. Valin came back with enough components for only three items, but Davius interrupted us to have us rest. Tomorrow we were to travel to the elf sage to get directions and information about this necklace and the giant king.

Day 28 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
We set out early to find the sage and were able to get some not so helpful information from him. He did, although, at least point us in a specific direction. Hopefully this information is more accurate then the past information we have received.

Day 29 of our trip into the hill-lands to find a winter home:
We spent the day leaving the elf woods and made it to the edge of the woods by dark and set up camp for the night.

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