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 Post subject: Matilda
PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:27 pm 

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As Cormack attacked the Pit Fiend, I parried the attacks of a Chain Devil and drove my sword into its mid section. The devil had a look of surprise in his eyes, as he stepped back. Cormack was holding his own against the Pit Fiend, so I pressed my advantage against the Chain Devil. He tried to use his chain to entrap me, but I was able to dodge this attack and deliver another telling blow. A number of Legion Devils appeared and I had to block the Chain Devils attacks, while concentrating my own attacks on the minor distractions. It was at that time that that the new member of the group, Francesca, showed up killing the last two Legion Devils. We each then attacked the Chain Devil and finished him off. Checking Cormack, he was still engaged with the Pit Fiend, but appeared to be winning the fight. I turned my attention to an Erinyes who came forward leading another wave of Legion Devils. I lost track of Francesca as she attacked the Legion Devils. I was able to get a quick blow in on the Erinyes and did some serious damage to it, but it counter attacked forcing me to use my shield to parry its attacks. But because of my size, it underestimated my strength and quickness and I was able to deliver a killing blow.
Being 4 feet tall can be an advantage on the battle field, First I tend to get overlooked, as the enemies usually attack my larger allies. Even when they do notice me they will underestimate my strength and quickness. This is fatal mistake. Even before the last great battle between the Anuire and the horde of Lord Dispater, I had been riding with the Knights of Bahamut for over 60 years and was a seasoned fighter.
Working up my courage, I move into position to flank the Pit Fiend with Cormack, who used an attack that distracted the Fiend, and I was able to deliver a good blow before Cormack finished him off. Cormack and I then attacked an Assassin Devil. Fighting alongside Cormack is a treat as he had a number of tricks that provided openings for one to take advantage of.
I saw Francesca dispatching a number of Legion Devils. She had just joined the unit I have been fighting with during the war. Francesca was very young, but was even quicker then myself. I believed that she could have been an even better fighter, but she had this silly notion that she should not embarrass her opponent if she was fighting a guy in a practice contest.

After the war, I went to Anuire City and took over one of the churches there. Francesca went north to spread the word or Bahamut. She was working in a backwater realm called Dhoesone, when she went and got herself killed. So now I have taken her place in the village of Sonnelind. I have been made the Arch Bishop of this wilderness territory, and at least I have been able to get off to a good start; I have been able to move Bahamut’s services to a larger temple here in Sonnelind. I have spent 112 years in the service of Bahamut and my reward is to be moved from the greatest city in the world to a county village.
My church in Anuire was larger than the combined churches of Dhoesone, but I was given this job by my Sire, so I cannot refuse.
I have met the local Baroness, and she strikes me as an ambitious young lady, both in the vampire world and the mortal world. Francesca had been working with the Baroness on increasing both the size of Dhoesone and Bahamut’s church in the area. I will have to talk to the Baroness about attending some services.

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