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Abellianna is wearing a formal diplomatic dress. Sir Loren Michaels is wearing her blade as well as his own. He stands nearby when the line of Goblin Kings enter the hall one after the other. A smallish goblin, even as goblins go, with a mighty voice cries out...

Goblin Herald cries out, “The mitit, Grrate Keng of NOthing - Grayvis Agone! The famus, Grrate Keng of ANYting - Kral Two-Toes! The powrful, Grrate Keng of SOMEting - the Wizzrd, the EYElyss One!

The Goblin Herald then takes a deep breath and proudly announces, “The GGrandis Keng of ALL! the Grrate ad WISE Keng of EVERYteng - Tie'skar Graecher!”

Abellianna respectfully nods to each of them. ((I'm sure I don't do a full curtsey but I don't know what's appropritae for the setting, etc...))

The Goblin kings all sit at the table in Abellianna's tent. Sir Loren Michaels attempts to concel his contempt but the Baroness can hear his change in breath.

Everything says, “Me King of All, King of Everything. You, new Queen of northland not come to see me. Why you no come see me? Us goblins dot get invite to your kingdom no more and you no come see us either. Me King wants to know if you still want friend wit goblins.

Sir Loren Michaels's armor creaks as he adjusts his weight.

Abellianna says, “I have not seen many of my neighbors yet as there have been duties in Dhoesone that have needed my prompt attention. Of course I still wish to have an alliance with you and I am very surprised that you would think that I do not wish to have one.”

Anything says, “You Lie!”

Abellianna raises an eyebrow. “I'm ... lying?”

Anything says, “Yes, you Lie! You go see lost King of the far north... a weak man. You give him honor of you, but not us!”

Abellianna says in a calm tone, “I said all of my allies, not any of my allies. Varri requested my assistance on an urgent matter that threatens Dhoesone as well. Of course I went to see him. I would do the same if you requested my presence in your ... court. I have not seen my own brother as well, should I expect him to march to my capital with an army killing along the way?”

Everything says, “Yes, you should, he is a strong elf and they enemy of humans... we friends, not kill humans cuz they human... We only kill they weak... help you.”

Abellianna has a small bit of recognition on her face but quickly changes back to a calm... passive face.

Everything says, “Most give us what we want, no killed them. No matter of Elf, back to talks, I want respec more tan the lost king.”

Abellianna says, “King Tie'skar Graecher, I, and Dhoesone still wish to have an alliance with you. What were the terms of the alliance with Fhiele?”

Everything says, “No matter Fhiele. Want new term. Me call you Queen and you call me King of Everything. North of Rver yours, South mine. And… You invite me to your fest and I hold place in mine for you.”

Abellianna says, “You may call me the Queen of Dhoesone if you would like. For clarification though, I am not planning on marrying anyone. King of Everything, North of the river is mine, South of the river is yours to Cariel's borders. If you wish to dispute Cariel's hold south of the river, that is between you and Cariele.

Everything says, “Bah, I take me Goblin wife, not human… Me agree me tinks you best not take husband. He make himself King of the North and you not really Queen no more, jst wife.”

The King wipes his nose and then his hands on the table cloth.

Abellianna says, “I'm liking you more and more, King of Everything.”

((Renee OOC: And then he does that... it is sooooo getting burned after they leave))

Everything says, “Cariele, yes… Stop trade with Cariele. They evil. Bring war soon.”

Abellianna says, “I was already in the process of removing their... influence ((she uses that term loosely)) from Dhoesone. Besides being exceedingly greedy, how are they evil? How do you know they are bringing a war soon?”

Everything says, “You hve they evil church up there. Burn it. They evil. Church very evil. Destory they world they do.”

Abellianna looks to Sir Loren for a moment and then back to King of Everything.

Everything says, “Ask you Elf brother. He tell you. Destory that Church o them.”

Abellianna says, “Which one is it and I'll see that it is removed.”

Everything says, “Earathis... they bad.”

Abellianna says, “How are they bad? It is the church of civilization... there is one inside my castle?”

Everything says, “Kill the world they are. Kill gods, earth, and curpt men. You see if you dont rid yourslv of they evil.”

Everything says, “Civilizatioun, blah.”

Abellianna smirks and then recomposes herself.

Everything says, “Kill goblins they do. Jst as Elf kill human. You see.”

Abellianna says, “I will definitely look into it, thank you for the information. In regards to the war, do you have information of Cariele attacking Dhoesone or [insert their land name] soon?”

Everything says, “They build more army, they attack Dhoesone or goblin or Elf soon. Youl see. Very soon. More like Dhoesone. Goblins and Elf strong. Dhoesone weak. We send more goblins North if you like.”

Abellianna says, “I will keep that in mind. It may be needed. Cariele has been taking too much from Dhoesone and it's about to stop. Cariele will probably be weakened just from the lack of funding that it is used to seeing. I doubt their war, if they decide to start one, will last long.

Everything says, “That church in your castle, their church. your peple still give them gold. must stop that too. best burn it.”

Abellianna says, “That might burn down my castle and then where would I be? I can secure the church without burning it down.”

Everything says, “Take church than. Make your church. But Enough church blah, back to talks, me want to be invite to your fest. All o them. Want place in among world. Want to be friends.”

Abellianna says, “King of Everything, you should know that there is a place that I always have available anytime you wish to come and visit. I promise it's not inside the church.”

Abellianna says, “ Of course you'll have an invite to come to my birthday party if you wish. However, if you do so, I do request that you do not bring an army nor do you raid the hosues for any supplies. If you let me know you are coming, I can assist you getting to where the festivities are.”

Everything says, “Hmm… hard to come without guard. Travel very close to Cariele may be dangus for me. Mit have to use magik but prefer walk. We figure it out. Me come. What not army to you?”

Abellianna says, “ I thought you were attacking me, not coming for diplomatic talks. It is understood that you can have your personal guard around you. However, a unit 800 strong are not viewed as personal guards. It is viewed as hostile generally.”

Everything says, “Hmm... only 200 per King. Small guard for each of us. King without guard is weak. Weak King should not be King… all must have own guard.”

Abellianna says, “Should I be travelling with 200-400 men when I come to see you?”

Everything says, “Yes, you men welcum too. We serve all o them at fest. Bring all.”

Abellianna says, “If I travelled with less than 200 men, would I be attacked?”

Everything says, “No. Why we attack you? Any attack you would be death for them.”
Abellianna seems relieved.

Everything says, “North would not make them King if they kill you. They gain nothing. Only death from us.”

Abellianna says, “Thank you for letting me know. I know Dhoesone's customs but did not wish to have issues when travelling to your home.”

((Ed, how far away is he from her? Is he keeping eye contact at all?))
((Just accross the table from her. Most of the time he is making eye contact. The Eyeless One is a Wizard and is likely schooled in Arcane/Occult knowledge...))

Everything says, “Why you peple call you Baraness? Why you not Queen? Empire dead you know.”

Abellianna says, “Being the new ruler of Dhoesone, I am keeping with most of the traditions until certain situations are setup. However, it is interetsing that you are not the first to tell me that.”

Everything says, “You didnt know empire dead? Died long ago. Devil god killed it.”

Abellianna says, “I knew the empire was dead. It was only 40 years ago that the last emperor ruled... for a brief moment.”

Everything says, “Why let them rule then? They weak. They dead.”

((During the conversations Abellianna did look at the others in the room out of respect, nothing suspicious. Although, knowing their dispositions helps))

((The Eyeless One is watching carefully. He seems to have a mind of his own and would speak up if needed, but he appears to be happy with what has been said. Anything says, “ - who spoke up before seems to of found his place and is keeping quite... and well Nothing is bored))

Abellianna says, “Interesting point. They can't exaclty rule if they are dead.”

Everything says, “Me King. Call you Queen... You Queen now. Tell your peple. It is done. Simple.”

Abellianna smiles and says, “It would make a fine Birthday present to myself.”

Everything gives you a weird look.

Abellianna continues on as if she didn't even notice.

Abellianna says, “There are two other matters I wish to discuss with you since you are here. The first one really is a project about a year from now. I would like to build a road from Dhoesone connecting it with the rest of Anuire. However, Cariele is not going to allow me to build and remain unmolested through their lands so I was contemplating building it through yours. What do you think of this?”

Everything says, “Road good but cost lots of gold. Need protection too or it not so good. Goblins not so good at building roads but goblins can use roads. Me think on this.”

Abellianna says, “With assisting Varri and then Cariele decided it is going to go to war, the road will be at least a year out before it is even started; if not more. Please do think on it because it could bring in a lot of profit for the both of us.”

Everything says, “Where road go? Bring trade to goblinlands?”

Abellianna says, “The road would go to either Talinie, The Five Peaks, and/or Mhoried. It could bring trade to Thurazor if you'd like. I figure we would both be able to share the profits. I am planning on connecting the road that goes all the way to King Varri.”

Everything says, “Blah, the Lost King cant be savd by trade.”

Abellianna says, “I'm not trying to save him through trade. I believe there will be more trade on the road if it extends further.”

Everything says, “More trade mean more people mean more protection... me think more on this.”

Abellianna says, “Please do.”

Everything says, “We see. Four seasons to come. We see how each other fests are and see if we still happy to make road for our peple. We want this but need not go too fast. Road can bring trade or army. We see if we trust the peple of the wurm or the peaks... the Mhors are too far for us.”

Abellianna says, “I agree. Let's not rush into this when we both know there are more pressing matters. I am glad to hear that you are looking towards the future. You should know that I plan on making Dhoesone as powerful and as respected as The City.”

Everything says, “Watch the curse of Earathis. His evil may already be upon you.”

Abellianna says, “The last item I needed to discuss with you was the return of Lorelei, Peaches, Keira, and Katsuro along with all of their posessions.”

((there was noone else right? The warden got away?)) ((Yup))

Everything says, “They strong. They deserve to live. But the mitit shod not be so blind. We will slatgther 5 boars in they place instead of them, but I need tribute to conseed them.”

((how are you pronouncing mitit?))
((that is his pronouncing of the word mighty))

Abellianna says, “What sort of tribute do you need?”

Everything says, “Need spoils for the spears. They lost they comrades. They need coins to forget them.”

Abellianna says, “Of course. I can have that sent over shortly.”

Something says, “Queen, please voice what we all hear today. We are friends. Your people can prosper in our lands freely and ours in yours. Do you agree?”

Everything wipes his nose again and this time wipes his hands on his velvet seat.

Abellianna looks to the King of Everything and then back to Something before saying, “I will happily announce Dhoesone's and Thurazor's alliance and will extend the invitation for all who wish to live by Dhoesone's laws may come and live here. However, I do wish to point out that Dhoesone's laws are different than Thurazor. Taking by right of might is not allowed and can be punishable by death. One must earn their living here through a trade or service. Also I would like to note that there are many who live on the border to Thurazor who may perceive large amounts of people moving over as aggressive.”

Something says, “No large amounts of people would more over to Dhoesone. Only the few that wish to set up shop or trade, to make a living or to study, and prehaps just to past through. Some may even help build the way for your roads or bring the light of our gods to your people.”

Abellianna smiles and says, “I'm glad we understand one another. I'll see to it that the wardens of that area know.”

Sir Loren Michaels shifts in his armor again.

Abellianna looks around the room at each King making sure to make eye contact as it seems the diplomacy is coming to an end.

Everything says, “At your fest, the next time we meet we shall play a game of Kings and Knights. I get pretty good.” (a game of chess)

Abellianna says, “I would really like that. I haven't had a good game in at least a year. My birthday celebration will last a week. There will be plenty of time for it.”

The King of Everything's nose appears to be running more and more. He wipes his face with his arm and starts to use the table cloth as a towel.

((Does he look distressed as in being poisoned or that he's allergic to something?))
((His eyes do appear to red and wet as well))

Abellianna says, “Well, I believe we have had a sucessful meeting this evening. I will arrange for fresh game to be brought over for you.

Abellianna stands up.

All of the Kings rise.

Abellianna says, “King of Everything, King of Something, King of Anything, and King of Nothing; it has been an honor to speak with you this evening and I hope that this paves the way to a very strong alliance.”

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